Achievements & Recognitions

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Life Time Service Award “Call to Service” by US President Barack Obama 2011

New writers awards by Prime Minister writers council of Bangladesh 2013

NE Florida Most Influential Men of the Year nominee, by Indo-US Chamber of Commerce, 2013

Nominee of 2013 Most Valuable Organizer Award by RootsCamp

Nominee of 2013 Most Valuable Campaign Award by RootsCamp

Leadership Awards (Diversity & Inclusion) 2010 & 2013

Young Sports Team Achievement Award

Winner of 2009 Princeton Premier

Recognized for lifelong support and ongoing contribution to Conserving North America’s Natural Wetlands Habitat

Awarded and placed on “Wall of Tolerance” by National Campaign for Tolerance

Winner of 2005 Seminar on Principal of Leadership, from effectiveness to greatness by Luminary Series

Awarded by National Youth Sports Coaches Association for outstanding support and contribution to “Just Say No International” and American Drug Free Team

Granted of 3 Bangladesh Patent Publications 2012

Author of 3 books (Bristmito Potovumi, Poetry book, Tenacity of Human Mind, Science Fiction and a Cook book Taste Around the World“)

Author of 25 Publications in USA and Bangladesh   2006 to Present

Shifting Balance of Power between the NGOs and Government in Bangladesh, Research Paper

Transformation of Human Relationships in correlation with NGOs Social Change, Research Paper
Working on his Theses paper


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