My gratitude knows no boundaries!

15 Feb

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Today, I thank My Allah, I thank all my Friends and Family who gave time to pray for me and my family. My gratitude knows no boundaries, Thank you Allah. You gave me life and I know you will finish the development of my character, look after my family and friends for Your Good purpose in life.

Let us be kind in thoughts and deeds, no one really knows how much the other is hurting , all needs healing thoughts and prayers for a better tomorrow. Because of your empathy, kindness, and strength you have shown many like me your true beauty inside and out. With heart felt friendship, healthy, happy and blessed tomorrow. With heart full of gratitude to my Creator for just being there. Let us serve humanity. Create in us integrity, faith and joy. Protect us from harm, I pray for Peace. Help me get good ideas, enlighten my mind with creativity and intelligence. You know everything within, Help me to finish Well……… Ameen.

If I speak for myself, I live for each second, to do as much as I can for others with a hope that all I give selflessly today may come as a priceless blessing one day……..I cherish each moment hungry to learn more, give back and share all good experiences so everyone’s life is better. I too live to see the world, meet amazing kind humans on my journey, I live passionately to see the world without poverty, without discrimination peace everywhere with justice and equality for all.

I live with a hope that I am a better person each day and I feel empowered to do more with my life, I live to stand tall with those who fight for the justice and equality for all, and I live by for my parents who were epitome of kindness and care. I live for our future generations and for my friends. I live to travel all over the world doing good for others. I live my life my own way I don’t believe in war and injustice. I live to bring true joy, I have so much love to give ….much more than I’ll ever know myself. I live in prayers each second may life be worth living Ameen.


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