Women Brest Cancer Initiative for Emerging Nations

04 Nov


It has been well established by various Global Organizations that the healthcare needs of developing nations need a lot of help. And, when it gets to cancer treatment, most of these nations have no effective treatment plan for their citizens more specifically in Bangladesh. The enormity of cancer incidence and mortality rates are beyond imagination. Most of the developing nations are male dominated societies. Within the cancer paradigm, women and especially poor, un-educated women have the greatest challenge in seeking treatment. Many cultural issues make it practically impossible for women to seek treatment. Women lose their dignity at home and in the society to the extent that divorces have occurred due to diagnoses of cancer in women. So many women, for the sake of livelihood will not even discuss the matter, even if cancer is diagnosed by chance from any other routine doctor visit. Cost is a big factor too and with treatment facilities out of reach for most rural communities, where most of the populations live.  Studies done by WHO and IAEA have confirmed these findings.


Countries with high population are also amongst the poorest of the nations. Women health has not been a priority. In some instances where some attention has been given, financial resources become a challenge. Due to lack of definitive cancer treatment planning, the health of the nation’s women is at stake. Thus the household becomes vulnerable which in turn affects the entire health of the nation. Many governments, though are aware of this, do not have women’s health as a priority. And, this is one of the reasons that progressive nations are better able to care for their population as a whole. Based on studies done by WHO and IAEA’s research forums, it has been well identified that most of the developing nations globally have very limited resources to tackle the enormous task at hand. Countries statistics and cancer registry information is also very limited and inaccurate. Identification and mitigation of regional and cultural matters is at best very difficult. At times religion has also been falsely made a basis used to prevent treatment, though no religion propagates against treatment.


Being in the global radiation therapy community, UDiON identifies country needs which it ventures to fulfill. Our approach is Women Empowerment through better health. We have a 5 step approach in attacking the root issues.

  1. Strategize: With the will, cooperation and assistance of various governmental agencies we identify the communities that can be best served to establish a specialty women health facility.
  2. Financial: We work with the health sector of a country and bring in resources of global organizations who are willing and able to provide the financial resources needed through agencies such as World Bank, IMF, UN and Independent Philanthropists.
  3. Education: It becomes imperative that the communities need to be educated through various forms of education materials including seminars and health talks through local organizations and media support.
  4. Establishment: Based on the health sector identification, UDiON will establish facilities with the appropriate equipment and professionals to implement the procedures for various women cancers.
  5. Telemedicine: UDiON will continue to provide treatment planning for all candidates through its Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology team in United States thus bringing state of the art treatment to local communities.


Interested governmental or non-governmental agencies of the host country must show interest in providing women cancer treatment centers. Their commitment is demonstrated by initially   inviting UDiON professionals to assess the situation and provide a comprehensive presentation to the agencies. UDiON will establish guidelines for the feasibility study.  Once the feasibility is completed, UDiON will source the funding through World Bank, IMF, UN or other international funding sources.  However, expenses for the initial UDiON visit, consultancy and the feasibility study will be the agencies responsibility. These funds will be recouped upon final funding of the project.



UDiON Foundation, (UDiON) is a nonprofit registered 501c3a Florida corporation. Since 2009, the group has been involved in Cancer Treatment modalities. With specialty treatment concepts emerging, UDiON like to positioned itself to specific cancer site specialization.  In 2011, the group under its subsidiary Vital Statistic was the first to introduce the newly emerging MammoSite treatment system using the HDR after loader. A totally new concept, reducing radiation treatment period from six to seven weeks of external beam radiation, to just five days for breast cancer candidates in the developing countries.  With this, UDiON positioned itself to emerging technologies and expands the horizon for global outreach. UDiON was amongst the early providers of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) which are today considered standard of care. IMRT and IGRT established a new treatment specialization center that of prostate cancer. UDiON has established partnerships with urologist for the specific treatment of prostate cancers.   On the Global front UDiON have worked in an advisory capacity to various radiations therapy centers both in the public and private sector. Our approach is inclusive of all participants thus establishing viable coalitions and joint venture partners.



Beginning with Bangladesh, UDiON has positioned itself into providing specialty cancer centers concentrating on the need of each area. Cutting edge therapies is our forte. With this type of business determination, UDiON is trying to introduce yet new innovative HDR Therapy, The Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy, (eBx). Traditional HDR after loaders use Ir192, a radioactive material, as a source to generate radiation. The Xoft system introduced a totally revolutionary concept. They introduced a miniature X-Ray tube that mimics the radiation treatment of Ir192. With the advent of the Xoft eBx system, radiation therapy was no longer confined to bunkers and lead lined vaults. Now, the radiation therapy could be provided in any doctor’s office without the fear of any radioactive material scatter. In fact, the safety level is to the point that an attendant or the therapist can actually be in the same room with the patient and be supportive without compromising their own health. This concept, in our opinion, is revolutionizing the treatment options whereby the fear of radiation will diminish and provide for better compliance. For late stage Breast Cancers, a more extensive treatment is required which is provided by Mobetron Treatment system.

Another emerging technology is the PEM.  As one of our focuses is breast treatment, identifying and defining location and size of the tumor is of paramount importance. The modality usually used for this identification is the Mammogram with adjunct usage of the Ultrasound. However, until today, the tumors identified with the existing modalities were not 100% accurate and thus many false positive results were seen. This further complicated the treatment plans and compromised the therapeutic outcomes. The introduction of the Positron Emission Therapy (PET) was an additional imaging modality which scans the whole body. This did give better results. However, using the precise technology of imaging with PET with focus for the identification of breast tumors, Naviscan introduced the Positron Emission Mammogram or PEM. PEM scanner is the only high-resolution PET scanner specifically optimized to provide metabolic visualization of abnormal breast tissue.



UDiON Foundation with its reach of Internal Healthcare Facilities, Organizations and Professionals establishes joint venture relationships to battle the growing need of good technological support for many nations who do not have the means to have the best healthcare outcomes. In fact in many cases, the incidences of cancers identified are at enormous levels without any viable treatment options. In cases such as that, Americare works with local public and private entities to identify the problems and seek solutions. Solutions may involve various International Charities and Philanthropies that may provide financial support for these specific programs. UDION will present the entire project with costs involved for the funding on behalf of the beneficiaries. With our experience and strategic relationships with various technology manufactures and providers, we are able to provide the most cost effective and viable solution with latest technology and treatment processes to the cancer inflicted candidates for the beneficiary entities.



UDiON Foundation is positioned to bringing turnkey therapeutic solutions for the screening, identifying, imaging, treatment planning and finally the treatment of various cancers. This is brought into fruition by the utilization of the emerging technologies at the treatment sites with well trained physicians and specialists in attendance at each Women Health Center. For best outcomes, UDiON deploys state of the art cutting edge technologies in each arena of the treatment processes.  Comprehensive treatment planning will be provided from USA through our Radiation Oncologist and Medical Physicist team.

Our approach creates awareness within each community and partnering with global entities UDiON is positioned to providing the latest and greatest technologies working towards eliminating cancer and its un-acceptable quality of life especially for women.


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2 responses to “Women Brest Cancer Initiative for Emerging Nations

  1. icopfl

    December 2, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Another great initiatives

  2. UDiON

    December 3, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Much needed work for Bangladesh and many developing countries


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